The SALAV GS52-BJ Professional Series Garment Steamer is a beautifully designed unit that features our newly patented hanger and a woven hose for maximum durability. With four steam settings and large wheels, the GS52-BJ is the ultimate garment steamer for use on all your clothes and around the house. The GS52-BJ heats up in a quick 45 seconds and a full 1.7 liter translucent and removable water tank will provide up to 55 minutes of continuous steam. Dual bar design provides added stability.

Extra sturdy and durable hanger
provides an ideal steaming surface
for all your steaming needs.

Double Weave Insulation

The GS52-BJ features a double weave hose and interior rubber hose. Hose insulation is essential in delivering powerful, consistent steam flow. The stylish diamond weave not only looks great, but provides added insulation and durability.

 Coming June 2017

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