SALAV  (pr: say-la-vee) is the french saying “C’est La Vie” which stands for France’s passion for excellence, fashion and living life to the fullest.

SALAV combines the natural benefits of steam with the latest steam technology and modern designs to bring you high quality, beautiful steam appliances.  Steam has been essential to the development of modern day technology. In the past, steam was harnessed to give energy to factories and power vessels to transport people and goods across long distances. Today, steam is being used to improve our daily lives in so many ways – from straightening our fabrics to sterilizing our floors.

Our mission is to bring you the finest steam products to help you live a better life.

SALAV is the largest manufacturer of steam appliances in the world and the worldwide leader in steam appliance technology and innovation with over 230 patents. SALAV is currently sold in over 20 countries and is exclusively distributed by Capital Technology, Inc. with US offices in Chino, California.

Our Steam Technology

With over 230 patents, we are the world’s most innovative steam manufacturer. Learn More.

The Benefits of Steam

Steam is all natural, effective and powerful yet gentle on your most delicate fabrics.     Learn more.

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