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Backflow Preventer prevents hot water from spitting out of steam nozzle  

Next Generation Steam Nozzle surface is made from engineered polymer which is more durable and safer for your fabrics then Teflon or metal which are found in traditional irons.

Side Drainage Plug is a patented drainage safety feature making it easier, safer and more convenient to drain and maintain your garment steamer.

Folding Adjustable Hanger adjusts, folds and extends to perfectly fit any garment to help you steam and press more efficiently and hanger arms fold down for easy storage.

Double Insulated Hose – two layers of insulation help maintain steam temperature and regulate surface heat.  Innovation through the combination of efficiency and safety.

Paddle Ironing Board specially designed to fit under shirt collars and in sleeves to help you achieve a professional, pressed look.  

Multifunctional Hanger features a rounded hanger ideal for steaming shirts and jackets, dual hanger levels for steaming pants, fold down hanger bar for smaller garments  and side hooks for additional hanging space.

Aluminum Water Boiler Aluminun construction provides no copper residue and conducts heat providing a quick 45 second heat up time.

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