Clean & Sanitize Your Home

SALAV Garment Steamers and Steam Appliances make it safe, easy, convenient and cost effective to clean around your home or office. SALAV Garment Steamers have patented boiler systems allowing them to reach high temperatures of 220 degrees F, killing 99.9% of all bacteria, germs and viruses.  SALAV Garment Steamers are the natural, chemical free way to disinfect around your home.

Gentler Than Ironing

SALAV Garment Steamers provides an iron-like surface on the steam nozzle without the danger of burning your clothes. Our garment steamers take the wrinkles out gently, without pressing or damaging your garments; leaving every item refreshed and wrinkle-free.

Natural Disinfectant

Dust mites and bed bugs often harbor in upholstered furniture, mattresses and pillows.  On contact, SALAV Garment Steamers and Steam Mops can kill dust mites, germs, and bed bugs (consult your pest control professional before conducting your own bed bug treatment).  Steam is a natural disinfectant.

Alleviates Allergies

A key to reducing allergic reactions is controlling the dust mite population throughout your home. Steaming your household fabrics and upholstery removes allergens that attract and grow dust mites.

Freshens Items Between Washing Or Dry Cleaning
Keep items fresh between wearing and washing, especially woolens and dry-clean items. This will both reduce drycleaning expenses and wear on items!

Keeps Air Clean
Steaming requires nothing more than water and heat and, therefore, is non-polluting compared with mite eradication methods that require the use of detergents and other chemical agents.

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