Replacement Hanger – All Models


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Size, color and features will vary depending on the model number and color of your garment steamer.

Please specify garment steamer model number and color.

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Model Number

GS06-DJ Black, GS06-DJ Blue, GS06-DJ Blush, GS14-DJ Gray, GS18-DJ White, GS18-DJ Black, GS24-BJ White, GS25-DJ RoseGold, GS34-BJ Black- Hook Only, GS34-BJ Black – Hanger + Hook, GS42-DJ Black, GS42-DJ Blue, GS42-DJ Purple, GS45-DJ Black, GS45-DJ Orange, GS45-DJ Silver, GS49-DJ Gold, GS60-BJ Blue, GS60-BJ Gray, GS65-BJ Black, GS68-BJ Gray, GS68-BJ Orchid, XL-08 Blue, XL-08 Pink, XL-08 Gray, XL-10-All Colors, GS44-Gold