Replacement Water Tank – All Models



Replacement water tank with water tank cap.

Size and color will vary depending on the model number and color of your garment steamer.

Please specify garment steamer model number and color.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Model Number

GS06-DJ Black, GS06-DJ Blue, GS06-DJ Blush, GS14-DJ Gray, GS18-DJ White, GS18-DJ Black, GS24-BJ White, GS25-DJ Rose Gold, GS34-BJ Black, GS42-DJ Black, GS42-DJ Blue, GS42-DJ Purple, GS45-DJ Black, GS45-DJ Orange, GS45-DJ Silver, GS49-DJ Gold, GS60-BJ Blue, GS60-BJ Gray, GS65-BJ Black, GS68-BJ Gray, GS68-BJ Orchid, ST-50 Rose Gold, HS-04/T Gray, HS-04/T Black, XL08-DJ Blue, XL08-DJ Pink, XL08-DJ Gray, XL10 Gray, XL10 Blue, XL10 Pink, XL10 Purple, XL10 Purple, XL10 Teal