Steam Mops are the BEST Floor Cleaner!

SALAV Steam Mops are the best steam mops in the market. SALAV Steam Mops are beautifully designed and provide powerful, chemical free steam to naturally clean and sanitize your floors. SALAV Steam Mops are safe to use on any sealed floor surface, and our unique carpet glider makes it easy to steam your carpets too! Each Steam Mop includes reusable, washable microfiber mop pads which lift and remove dirt from your floors. Steam mops require less physical effort and are easier to use than a messy squeeze mop. Steam makes cleaning faster and provides a deeper clean that creates bacteria free surfaces.

STM-403 PET MOTION Vibrating Steam Mop

The Pet Motion Vibrating Steam Mop keeps your sealed hard surfaces and rugs clean, sanitized and fresh. The powerful 1200 watts of natural germ and odor killing steam combined with the vibrating pulses of the unique internal motor lift stains away while keeping your home and floors fresh and sanitized.

STM402 Gold front with closeup

STM-402 Professional Steam Mop with LED

SALAV 402 Professional Steam Mop is fully loaded with features, such as LED lights on the steam nozzle to help you more effectively clean and sanitize under furniture and around corners. This feature packed steam mop has 26 minutes of continuous steam ready in a quick 45 seconds. It also has a unique stand by mode which allows you to pause the machine by placing it in the upright position. Each STM-402 comes with a measuring cup, carpet glider, and two mop pads. Available in gold and blue.

stm 501 steam mops

STM-501 Performance Steam Mop

SALAV 501 Performance Steam Mop is functional and affordable. It has value and versatility. With a lightweight design and wide mop surface, these steam mops are perfect for use around the house. It has 12 continuous minutes of steam.  At 1100 watts, its steam will naturally remove 99.9% of bacteria and germs from your floors. Each unit includes a carpet glider and a mop pad. Available in gray.

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