Replacement Fabric Brush – All Models


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Replacement fabric brush for all garment steamers and hand held steamers.

Size and color will vary depending on the model number and color of your garment steamer.

Please specify garment steamer model number and color.

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GS06-DJ Black, GS06-DJ Blue, GS06-DJ Blush, GS14-DJ Gray, GS18-DJ White, GS24-BJ White, GS34-BJ Black, GS42-DJ Black, GS42-DJ Blue, GS42-DJ Purple, GS45-DJ Black, GS45-DJ Orange, GS25-DJ Rose Gold, GS45-DJ Silver, GS49-DJ Gold, GS60-BJ BLUE, GS60-BJ GRAY, GS65-DJ Black, GS68-BJ Gray, GS68-BJ Orchid, HS-04/T White, HS-04/T Black, HS-100 All Colors

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