SALAV Steam Appliances

SALAV steam appliances have revolutionized the steam industry by combining beautiful designs with cutting edge steam technology. SALAV is the most innovative steam company in the world, with over 230 patents and a constantly innovating million dollar research and development center. The SALAV research and development process looks at real-life issues from consumers in order consistently bring consumers the most beautiful, highly functional steam appliances.

salav-15_home garment steamer

Garment Steamers

SALAV Garment Steamers combine the natural power of steam with beautiful designs and smart, patented technology . 

salav-15_home travel steamer

Hand Held Steamers

SALAV  Hand Held Clothes Steamers are compact, powerful, lightweight and efficient. Perfect for travel or on the go.

salav-15_home steam mop

Steam Mops

SALAV Steam Mops clean & sanitize your home without the use of harsh chemicals. Keep your home clean & germ free.

Home Gadgets

SALAV Home Gadgets are innovative, stylish products to improve and beautify your home and help simplify everyday tasks.

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