Find detailed answers to common questions and ensure your experience with our products is as smooth as your freshly pressed clothes. 

  • Which one is better for me, an iron or a garment steamer?

    Using a steamer or an iron depends on the specific needs and preferences of the individual. Both tools have their advantages and drawbacks, and the choice often comes down to the type of fabric, the desired finish, and personal convenience. Here are some reasons why someone might choose a steamer over an iron:

    1. Gentler on Fabrics:
    - Steamers are generally considered gentler on delicate fabrics, as they do not require direct contact with the garment. This can be beneficial for materials that are prone to damage or scorching when exposed to high heat.

    2. Quicker and Easier: - Steamers are often quicker to use than irons. They can quickly remove wrinkles from clothes without the need for a traditional ironing board. This can be especially advantageous for people with busy schedules.

    3. Versatility:
    - Steamers are versatile and can be used on a variety of fabrics, including delicate materials like silk, wool, and synthetic blends. Some steamers also come with attachments that allow for steaming different types of garments, such as suits, dresses, and curtains.

    4. No Need for an Ironing Board:**
    - Steamers can be used without the need for an ironing board, making them more convenient for people with limited space or those who don't enjoy the setup associated with traditional ironing.

    5. **Refreshing Clothing:**
    - Steamers can be used to refresh clothing between washes. The steam can help eliminate odors and reduce the need for frequent washing.

    6. **Removing Odors and Sanitizing:**
    - Steamers not only remove wrinkles but also have the added benefit of helping to eliminate odors and sanitize fabrics. The high temperature of the steam can kill bacteria and allergens.

    7. **Easier on Certain Garments:**
    - Some garments, such as those with intricate details, embellishments, or beading, may be easier to steam than to iron, as steamers can work around these elements without causing damage.

    While steamers offer these advantages, there are situations where an iron might be the preferred tool. Irons are typically better at creating sharp creases and providing a more polished look, especially for formal clothing. Ultimately, the choice between a steamer and an iron depends on individual preferences, the types of fabrics being used, and the desired outcome.

  • How does the carpet glider attach to my steam mop?

    The carpet glider does NOT snap on to place, it fits loosely yet securely in order to provide a smooth gliding surface over carpets.  The loose fit allows you to switch between steaming your carpets and steaming your sealed floors without having to reach down and touch the hot mop head.  The carpet glider was designed to glide and fit the mop head attached mop pad.

  • I'm missing some parts

    Your new appliance was packed with protective inner packaging to help keep it safe and intact on it’s way to you.  For garment steamers packed with styrofoam, the accessories are packed into the nooks and crevices of the styrofoam  so be sure to check all of your packaging before throwing it away.  If you lose or damage any of your accessories, hose, nozzle, most parts are replaceable  just search for your product and all parts will be on that product page.

  • My DUOPRESS HS-100 makes a rattling noise when I shake it

    There is a small ball weight in the water tank which allows the user to steam horizontally and vertically.  This weight works with gravity to always find water in the tank, no matter which your direction you are holding the steamer.  We do not recommend removing this small dark gray ball weight  it is essential to the full functionality of your DUOPRESS.

  • Where can I find the serial number?

    The serial number for your steam appliance can be found on the certification label, usually on the bottom or back side. Serial numbers range in length, from 4 to 18 digits. 

  • My garment steamer is leaking! What do I do?

     Garment steamer leaks can be caused by a few different reasons, here are some troubleshooting tips:

    • Make sure the drain plug for your garment steamer is correctly fastened on the body of your garment steamer and turned to the lock position
    • Check your water tank  make sure the water tank cap is fastened correctly and tightly
    • Make sure your water tank and body of the steamer do not have any visible cracks  if so, you can purchase a replacement part from our site
    • Be sure to clean your water tank regularly  excessive buildup can block water passages causing water to spill out of the body of the steamer instead of flowing smoothly to the boiler. Use a decalcifier to remove and prevent build up.
  • Can I use my garment steamer outside of the US ?

    Different countries and regions within different countries have various   voltage. requirements.

     As with any electrical appliance, we recommend consulting with your local electrician about   voltage conversion for an electrical appliance. Please note that our full size garment steamer is a powerful 1500 watts,   on a standard 110-120V/ 60Hz.     

  • My HS-04/T has stopped working, the indicator light comes on but no steam?

    Check the small circular hole on the top of the water tank.  If the hole is clogged it will prevent       water from feeding into the body and boiler of the steamer. Clogging of the water holes or tank is  the result of mineral     build up. To prevent build up, we recommend using distilled water.  Using distilled water not only prevents build up but also prolongs the life of your steamer.

  • When I put my HS-04/T in off mode, it still remains hot

    The SALAV HS-04/T is our QuickSteam ready to use hand held steamer. The off mode allows the HS04 to be ready to use at any time without having to wait for it to heat up again.     If you want the unit off completely, just switch to off and unplug the unit, the unit will shut down and cool itself.

  • How do I release and remove the telescopic bars from my garment steamer?

    The telescopic bars can be released by following the steps below:

    • make sure your unit is off 
    • wait until the water in your unit has cooled, approximately 30 minutes
    • remove the water tank       
    • drain the water from the unit
    • turn the unit upside down and press gently on the latches directly below the pole on the bottom of the unit  
  • My garment steamer turns on and gets hot but does not produce steam

    Steam is a result of water heating in the boiler  if your clothes steamer turns on and does not produce steam, please try the following troubleshooting tips:

    • Make sure the power knob or switch is in the ON position.
    • Make sure the unit turns on and the indicator light is on
    • Check the cap of the water tank to make sure it is correctly and securely attached to the water tank.
    • Check your water tank to make sure it is securely and correctly fitted in to the body of the garment steamer.           Incorrect placement of the water tank can block water from feeding in to the body and boiler of the steamer.
    • Once the water tank has been placed in to the body of the garment steamer, make sure water is feeding in to the body of the garment steamer  you will be able to notice water leaving the water tank.
    • Try moving the water tank slightly to start the flow of water from the water tank in to the steamer.
    • Make sure the outlet you are using can accomodate 1500 watts of power (it's a lot!). If you're not sure, please check with an electrician.
    • Excessive build up can lead to blockage and corrosion of the boiler, be sure to use decalcifiers once per month and use distilled water.
  • GS06-DJ Pole installation troubleshooting

    The GS06-DJ base connector was built to hold the pole securely to the base of the garment steamer.    If the GS06-DJ pole does not easily glide in to the base, please watch this installation video.

  • I just added water to my SALAV Garment Steamer and now it is leaking water from the bottom!

    SALAV Garment Steamers have a patented drain plug either on the back or bottom of the body of the garment steamer.    Before adding water, make sure your drain plug is securely fastened.

  • On my GS45-DJ what do the orange and red lights mean?

    The SALAV GS45-DJ Professional Series Garment Steamer has two settings : High and Low. The high and low settings can be changed from the foot pedal on the body of the garment steamer.    The indicator light on the front of the garment steamer will turn Red to indicate it is in LOW, Orange to indicate it is in HIGH.

  • How long should I allow water to sit in my garment steamer?

    Our garment steamers, steam mops and steam appliances can hold water for extended periods of time since all of our appliances are constructed of high quality, patented,  durable aluminum boilers.  We recommend draining the water from your steam appliance every 7 days, in other words  do not let water sit in your steam appliance for more than a week.    Here are some additional care  maintenance tip to prolong the life of your steamer:     

    • use only distilled water     
    • do not let water sit in your steam appliance for more than 7days     
    • every 45-60 days, cleanse your steam appliance with a solution of 50% vinegar + 50% distilled water or our decalcifier solution, this will prevent against build up and clean the boiler     
    • wipe down your steam appliance with a damp cloth after every use to prevent water spots and build up
  • My GS45 didn't come with a power cord? How do I plug it in?

    The GS45 models feature a retractable power cord. To pull it out, locate the plug on the rear of the unit. Pull gently on the plug to pull out the power cord.    To retract and store away the cord, pull the power cord completely out and further give it one last gentle tug. The cord will automatically be retracted and stored away for your next use.

  • Can I use hot water to fill up the water tank?

    No, using hot water or corrosive cleaning agent can cause harm or damage to you and/or your garment.

  • Can I put additives in the water for use in my Steam Mop or Garment Steamer ?

    No, you should not use any additives such as perfume, dyes, salt, essential oils or soap. Doing so may result in material damage or cause internal build-up in your steam appliance.

    The only additive we recommend is our decalcifier which helps remove mineral deposits and build up.

  • What are the benefits of dual bars vs a single bar on SALAV garment steamers ?

     SALAV’s Telescopic Dual Bar stability system adds safety, stability and strength to the steamer,  and also makes it easier move and store. To find out more about our product line visit our website at www.Salavusa.com

  • Where can I get a user manual for my SALAV or True & Tidy item?

    For the latest user manual, please contact our customer service team at support@ctbrandco.com. Also be sure to check out each product page and our youtube channels (SALAV, True & Tidy) for product videos, troubleshooting assembly and more.