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At SALAV, True & Tidy and LUGO we believe in simplifying lives and enhancing homes. Our shared commitment is to make everyday routines more effortless, offering practical innovations that resonate with the needs of our customers.

We understand the value of time and efficiency, and our mission is to provide tools that not only streamline tasks but elevate the overall home experience.

Whether it's SALAV's cutting-edge steam appliances from its 420+ patents or True & Tidy's thoughtful cleaning solutions, we are driven by the belief that products should work seamlessly to make life more manageable.

Located in sunny Los Angeles, California, our worldwide headquarters is operated by our parent company, Capital Technology, Inc. dba CT Brand Co.

With over 420 patents, we are the world’s most innovative steam manufacturer.

Steam is all natural, effective and powerful yet gentle on your most delicate fabrics.